Choosing the Right Mobile Phone

Your smartphone is an important investment. It can act as your wallet, your camera, your phone and so much more. To choose the right one is not an easy task what with a million features and multitude of brands in the market.

We make it easy for you with our expert tips:

1. If you’re looking for a smartphone with the most timeliest of software updates, which has the best of latest apps and is pretty sassy looking, go for an iPhone.

2. You could opt for an android smartphone if you desire a phone with more user control and hardware choice. Plus, getting a decent android for under 300 bucks is not hard at all as many brands have low-budget smartphones that have all the latest bells and whistles for a very low price.

3. A camera is one of the most important features and deciding factors when buying a mobile. Get a mobile phone with front camera if taking selfies is your thing.

4. Get a big screened mobile if playing video games and watching movies is what interests you the most.